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Bob writes a popular blog with weekly commentary on the market action and predictions for the coming week. Bob also posts a "Stock of the Day" chart. Below are Bob's latest Stock of the Day and Market Commentary blog posts:

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Weekly Market Commentary

Stock Market commentary by Bob Kudla

Just a Short Note


Slipping in a quick post this weekend as I am remembering and celebrating Easter.
I think the miners are ripe for a fall, and am short with DUST in the portfolio and NUGT puts personally.  I see 25 for NUGT and 40 to 50 for DUST.  Also the on chart that looks like there is some room to run lower is GOLD.

It broke into my sell zone, made a lower high, in price, Stochs and RSI, and is struggling at the 200.  I will buy some May 75s, and offset them with weekly 70's.

Also, I will not trade or post trades or stock of the day on tuesday.  I have a travel day.  Thanks.