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You're invited to attend a valuable, advanced online trading workshop taught by highly successful, full-time stock trader Bob Kudla. The workshop will be presented on Tuesday, May 14th at 5:00 PM Pacific Time (8:00 PM ET).

Are you frustrated trying to count "waves" ... follow "cycles"... or using other investment techniques and strategies that usually generate more stock market losses than gains?

This is an ADVANCED workshop for investors who have attended Stock Trading Expert
Bob Kudla's basic stock charting online workshop ... or intermediate level investors who already know the basics of how to read Moving Averages and Bollinger Bands on stock charts.

In this advanced course, Bob teaches you more sophisticated charting techniques and
trading strategies and a powerful risk management system to maximize profits and minimize losses.

You do NOT have to be a day trader to benefit from Bob's stock trading strategies and systems.

Virtually anyone can do it!

You will learn EVERYTHING you need to know in this one online workshop session.

Here's what this LIVE training will do for you:

1. Cut through the clutter! As a popular investment blog writer and successful stock trading signal service provider, Bob Kudla discovered that many of his followers were confused by the mixed messages they were getting from various stock market "gurus." These investors were often making bad trading decisions because they were trying to follow conflicting investment advice.

2. Keep it Simple! Bob realized that the soluton to that problem is to teach the average confused investor one SIMPLE yet powerful system for charting stocks and making trading decisions that has proven to produce a high probablity of success.

3. Maximize Gains, Minimize Risk! Bob will teach you a strategy for making sure that your gains are big and your losses are small by using his portfolio management system to minimize risk.

4. It works, because it has to! This is not "theory" ... it is a proven system. Bob Kudla is a full-time stock trader. Quite simply, if his trading system doesn't work he doesn't eat. Bob can't afford to lose money in the stock market because he draws money out every week to pay his living expenses. Learn how to generate consistent profits in the stock market trading like a pro.

5. Incredible value! This online workshop costs only $99 ... and you could make that back on your first trade once you learn the secrets of Bob's charting system and investing strategies. Bob could charge a lot more money for this training-- and it would be worth it -- but he wants to help as many struggling investors as he can to get back on the right track of making money in the market.



Here's what some of Bob Kudla's customers have to say about his Trading Signals Service and his Investor Education webinars:

Re: Bob Kudla's

"I just signed up and I haven't had time to monitor all of your calls, but I did catch your note to sell DUST puts. This prompted me to take profits on my previously-purchased NUGT calls at what appears to be the right time. I also caught your VXX call for a quick profit. Membership fees paid for a couple years. Keep 'em coming!" - Glenn F., Texas

Re: Bob Kudla's Investor Training Webinars:

"What I've learned from Bob is there actually is a strategy  that I can use that consistently makes money. And there is nothing like that out there, in my opinion, other than what Bob has to offer." - Leilani H., California

Turn up your speakers and click "Play" below to hear a one-minute phone interview with Leilani H. (quoted above) talking about Bob Kudla's webinars:

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